Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hearts roll

It’s summer and this fresh orange roll in hearts pattern is just perfect for your cold drinks companion.

Hearts roll


Panda rolls

Did you know we can customize the cake for you?

Instead of the original macha panda, here is the chocolate panda roll for you the chocolate lovers.

WL's order  Matcha panda in box

Snow leopard roll

After the chocolate leopard dots roll, today  the snow leopard joined the animal print category.

Snow leopard roll

Any of you know that snow leopard cannot roar? It’s vocalization include hisses, chuffing, mews, growls, and wailing.


Lady Bugs roll

Eiiik … Bugs … go away…Help….!!!No worries, here we don’t have anything harmful, as per described in children story bugs, lady bug is a friendly and adorable type of bug.

In fact when we first introduce this model to friends, it received a lot of positive feedback and likes and order start flowing in.

Lady bugs roll   Lady bugs roll

Japanese festive rolls

By end of May Cheery Blossoms might still available at certain part in Japan and some family may still raise the Carp flag to celebrate the children day.

The same in our kitchen, below please find the lasted baked rolls the cherry blossom roll and Taro Carp roll.

May sakura dan child day order

Another Birthday Cake

Today we bake another birthday cake, thank you to Mrs. Ck whom order this for her lovely neighbor Ms. Lydia.

Happy Birthday Vanilla roll 

This is the case where customer request changes of standard box to something different to fit the occasion.

Happy Birthday in a box  Happy Birthday side view 

Happy Birthday in a box top

Happy Birthday Lydia…

Happy Bee roll

Happy weekend all…

This happy bee is buzzing around and having  great time in his lovely garden

He is waving his small hand to say hello to you.

Happy Bee Roll

This roll is the order from Ms. WL, wish her a great Sunday.