Introducing Characters Roll

It’s been a while since the last time the rabbit post new rolls design, not that she has stop baking but mostly  latest rolls were  the reproduction of the already posted rolls.

Nevertheless making a character rolls had been in her one of to do list, hence today please find the very late post of the  famous Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty rolls.

Chocolate HK in box 

Vanila Rilakkuma in box

Happy Monday all… hope you have a cute and wonderful week ahead.



6 thoughts on “Introducing Characters Roll

  1. WOW your deco swiss roll are all such a success!! I like making the cakes, but the whipping cream part … im lazy. hahah. your baking posts are so wonderful ! keep them coming.

    u are talented

    1. hello Shirley,
      yes whipping cream is a challenge and pssst…. I failed whipping them many times and have to start over 😀
      Thank you for the compliment, coming from you means a lot.

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