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Featuring Cony and Brown

Line’s sticker character finally make appearances  in Rabbit’s kitchen . Thanks to Ms. VL for her suggestion (over dinner with Mrs. HH and rabbit) of why not having the cute sticker’s character from the popular LINE’s in the roll cake.

Idea and challenge accepted and today the rabbit is featuring Cony and Brown.Cony and Brown roll1

Brown, the chubby bear expression doesn’t give away much, but he has a heart of gold.

Yes, Cony the rabbit is sometimes moody but is usually very happy and full of energy.  Though she seems to enjoy bullying  Brown,  she really fall head over heels for the chubby bear. Take a look at Cony’s love struck expression below.

Cony and Brown roll2

And yes, the roll came in mini sizes too

Cony and Brown mini rolls.

Happy Wednesday all…


Another minion?

Well… please bear with this whole minion charade, those little creatures are really popular and the rabbit keep getting the request for this theme and she can’t help not to share any new photo with different flavor or design.

Today roll is Minion in chocolate flavor, ordered by Mrs. KK for her child T.T.

Hope little T.T will enjoy this.

Chocolate Minion large

Kiky's order

Happy Tuesday all.

More Minions

Minions seems to be on everyone wish list, today the rabbit bake another batch of minions roll cake. The order were from Mrs. HH for her beloved friend Mrs. EY’s birthday (can you tell which one is hers?) and also another repeated order from Mrs. T and Ms. SP

All roll were delivered today and the rabbit is ready to embrace her weekend and gear up to shop at midnight shopping marathon hosted by  mall nearby her burrow.Friday order  Double minions

Mini minions2 in box

Something cute and not yet for sale was Rabbit’s latest interest, decorative steam cake.  Wait for it….

Steamed minions

Wish you all have  a great weekend.



Hiyaaa…. another new character joining the Rabbit hall of fame , the famous little yellow creatures whom loves to eat banana.

Thanks to Ms. SM for the order, the cake was collected and eaten 23 July 2013.

Minion in box

Anyone notice the cute little round creatures in cupcake size? Well they were Japanese deco steam cake the rabbit been wanting to make  for long and upon seeing the famous Singapore Bento master , Ms. Shirley from littlemissonigiri   posted hers, the rabbit decided to copy Ms. Shirley’s idea.

And of course rabbit’s steam cake were not as good as hers. as you can see there were only 2 cakes in the photos which mean the rest of the batch were not good enough to be displayed 🙂 nevertheless they taste good and rest well in rabbit’s belly.


Happy Wednesday all….

Piggy in mud Kitkat cake

The rabbit was not sure on who is the real genius behind this super cute piggy in the mud kitkat cake. She spotted this cake when she goggled for birthday cake idea with piggy theme and decided to copy the idea.

Much she wanted to give the credit back to the owner of this idea, she could not find the right one because this cake had gone viral and most of the source in internet  did not indicate the original creator and only recreation of the idea.

Nevertheless the Rabbit’s did hers based on the youtube tutorial  by mycupcakeaddiction

And below was her version, the piggy in mud kitkat cake ala RCB.

Piggy in mud kitkat cake2 Piggy in mud kitkat cake3

Cake was packed and ready for delivery .

Piggy in mud kitkat cake4

The cake was a birthday present to rabbit’s bff nickname “Dugia” which in Hokien chinese dialect means piglet 😀

Below is the photo from Dugia as proof of acceptance and celebration.

Piggy in mud kitcake bday candle

Happy Birthday Dugia…

Wish you love, happiness, health, joy and all the good things life can offer.

My recipe and method for the cake (Black forest cake recipe):

A) 5 nos egg yolks + 85 gr water + 70 gr corn oil+ 4 gr chocolate paste -> whisk all ingredients together.
B) Combined 100 gr cake flour + 10 gr cocoa powder + 30 gr cornflour + 1 tsp baking powder -> sieve in the flour mixture into yolks mixture and stir still smooth.
C) Whisk 5 nos egg whites + 120 gr sugar until firm -> then fold them 1/3 at a time to the yolk mixture, mix well.
D) Bake at 180C for 20-25 minutes until cooked.
E) Cut cake into 2 layers and add chocolate ganache, kirsch, whipped cream, dark sweet pitted cherries in between the layers.
F) Pour chocolate ganache on top of the cake.
G) Add kitkat on the side of the cake, use chocolate ganache as glue, place few piggies made of fondant and pour in the rest of chocolate ganache, use chopstick to create the mud ripple effect nearby the piggies.

Tada … piggy in mud kitkat cake 😀

A weekend baking post

Monkichi seems to be rather popular, soon after  he join her fellow friends in the character roll gallery, another order  came in and it was from Mrs. T again but this time she order the rolls for her sister’s birthday.

Below please find the photos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. N

Sunday's order

The nice Mrs T also order the mini lady bugs rolls for her niece/nephew and a rainbow roll for the family to share and celebrate.

The chocolate panda roll was an order from another friends Ms. WD for her weekend snacking while watching the Korean drama 😉

Below was a late post of yesterday order from Ms. A for herself and her friend, Hot balloons air roll and Strawberries roll.

Ballon air and strawberries in boxes


Introducing Sanrio’s Monkichi the monkey

This is a late post of yesterday order from Mrs. SL for her good friend’s birthday Ms. W.

Mrs. SL  requested Monkichi the monkey for the cake theme because the recipient of the cake was born in the year of monkey , so it will be only appropriate to choose something that match the auspicious year 🙂

Happy Birthday Ms. W hope you like Monkichi and wish you a great birthday filled with tons of love and fun and joy.

Monchichi Birthday roll

Together with Monkichi, the rabbit also bake another roll with lady bug and this time the lady bug was resting on clovers.

Limin's order

Good day everyone.


Happy Anniversary rolls

A late post of Mrs. T’s order for her wedding anniversary.

Rabbit was so happy when she received the order because it was her first order from stranger whom happened to stumble on her blog. Mrs. T was totally new to her, i.e not direct  friends, or friend’s friend, or any referral/word of mouth from someone in her circle.

Below please find the photo the order, hope Mrs. T and beloved husband as well as family and friends like the rolls.

Tania's order

Thank you Mrs. T for the trust and order of 6 rolls despite never tried this before

Best wishes to you and hubby on your anniversary. May your marriage be Blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives.


The Rabbit


Another birthday roll in ribbon/gift pattern

This roll is the order from my friend Ms. SS for her uncle’s birthday. Seems that many found this pattern is more suitable for adult male rather than my other birthday roll or the usual lovely, cute, animal print and other character design.

Another Ribbon Bday roll

Which mean I have to come out with more pattern for special occasion and for male recipient as well.

Challenge accepted, so stay tuned for more 🙂


Lazy Rilakkuma Roll & Pink Flowers Roll

It’s school holidays and the 3 little nieces of my good friend Mrs. HH are visiting Jakarta. Being a good aunt Mrs. HH decided to treat those little angels the rabbit’s famous japanese deco roll and let the rabbit decide what cute pattern she would like to make.

Hooraay… what a treat for rabbit too, she loves baking new pattern and Mrs. HH is always a good customer whom always let rabbit do as she like.

So here is the roll for the little angels. I keep mentioning them as angels because they know how to appreciate the bakers and keep complimenting auntie Rabbit despite the buyer of the cake  was their aunt  (Sorry dear friend, please let auntie Rabbit have her short spot of light ;))

Rilakkuma & Chick roll

On top of being a good auntie, Mrs HH is also a good sister and youngster, she did remember to order something not too cute for her brother , sister in law and the parents. And here is the simple pink flowers roll for the adults. I hope they enjoy it as much as the little girls.

Pink flowers roll

Thank you Tiek for the order 😀