Lazy Rilakkuma Roll & Pink Flowers Roll

It’s school holidays and the 3 little nieces of my good friend Mrs. HH are visiting Jakarta. Being a good aunt Mrs. HH decided to treat those little angels the rabbit’s famous japanese deco roll and let the rabbit decide what cute pattern she would like to make.

Hooraay… what a treat for rabbit too, she loves baking new pattern and Mrs. HH is always a good customer whom always let rabbit do as she like.

So here is the roll for the little angels. I keep mentioning them as angels because they know how to appreciate the bakers and keep complimenting auntie Rabbit despite the buyer of the cakeย  was their auntย  (Sorry dear friend, please let auntie Rabbit have her short spot of light ;))

Rilakkuma & Chick roll

On top of being a good auntie, Mrs HH is also a good sister and youngster, she did remember to order something not too cute for her brother , sister in law and the parents. And here is the simple pink flowers roll for the adults. I hope they enjoy it as much as the little girls.

Pink flowers roll

Thank you Tiek for the order ๐Ÿ˜€



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