A weekend baking post

Monkichi seems to be rather popular, soon after  he join her fellow friends in the character roll gallery, another order  came in and it was from Mrs. T again but this time she order the rolls for her sister’s birthday.

Below please find the photos, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. N

Sunday's order

The nice Mrs T also order the mini lady bugs rolls for her niece/nephew and a rainbow roll for the family to share and celebrate.

The chocolate panda roll was an order from another friends Ms. WD for her weekend snacking while watching the Korean drama 😉

Below was a late post of yesterday order from Ms. A for herself and her friend, Hot balloons air roll and Strawberries roll.

Ballon air and strawberries in boxes



8 thoughts on “A weekend baking post

    1. LOL… thanks Fae, I hope I can continue to express my creativity through my rolls 😉
      Still stuck with the challenge on making a right pattern on non cute version for male adult, especially for birthday occasion. Any idea ?

  1. I am really jealous, haha!! I am still afraid of making even a plain swiss roll. You are amazing, Rabbit! And you have a really good talent!! 🙂

    1. Hahaha Thank you, you should try making swiss roll, I am sure you will gonna love it and I do think the plain one is quite safe and easier to roll and not as fragile as the decorative one.
      Psst….I do crack the rolls in my earlier days but then of course I did not post about it and quickly eat them up to get rid of the evidence 😀

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