What’s new ?

Holaaa after been missing for almost a month, the rabbit is back.

Ms. Rabbit was busy moving to new burrow and kitchen hence no baking and blogging for a while. But thanks God everything is in order now and all baking tools had been set on place and the rabbit officially start her very first baking in the new kitchen today. Below please find the result of  assorted Christmas theme rolls.

These cute Chubby Santa, Assorted Christmas ornaments, Red Poinsettia and Christmas Wreath are ready for pre-order starting today until mid Dec.

Christmas Theme Rolls  Christmas Theme1  Christmas Theme2

Is that all?

Nope… there will be more design to come, stay tuned …

And Ops…  in relation with the very first baking in new kitchen, below please find the very last baking in the old kitchen which was Monster University roll

Monster Uni in box

Cheers to everyone, thank you for the patience and visit while I was away.


5 thoughts on “What’s new ?

  1. Hi there … I got interested when seeing your cake roll in one of my friends’ profile picture and she gave me your blog.

    Out of curiosity and welcoming this Christmas season, I would like to try ordering 1 cake roll, with special order to have green tea cake with fresh cream & fruit filling with Chubby Santa design. It was intended as a Christmas gift for my best friend.

    So fortunately that Rabbit gave me 2 slices of the cake for satisfying my taste bud, voila! The cake is so delicious, the fresh cream is just nice (not too sweet, not bland) and the fruit inside is so refreshing (please put more fruits in my next order 😀 ).

    I personally think that Rabbit should open a cake shop as her cake is representative and very tasty.

    1. Hello dear, thank you for ordering and posting your comment here. Glad to hear that you like the cake. I am very flattered by your nice feedback. Cake shop might not be happening sometime soon at this moment it is my greatest pleasure to bake a cake that pleased my customer, especially hearing the feedback that they love it. Awaiting for your next order then 😉
      Thanks a lot (XOXO and Hugs)

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