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Piggy in mud Kitkat cake

The rabbit was not sure on who is the real genius behind this super cute piggy in the mud kitkat cake. She spotted this cake when she goggled for birthday cake idea with piggy theme and decided to copy the idea.

Much she wanted to give the credit back to the owner of this idea, she could not find the right one because this cake had gone viral and most of the source in internet  did not indicate the original creator and only recreation of the idea.

Nevertheless the Rabbit’s did hers based on the youtube tutorial  by mycupcakeaddiction

And below was her version, the piggy in mud kitkat cake ala RCB.

Piggy in mud kitkat cake2 Piggy in mud kitkat cake3

Cake was packed and ready for delivery .

Piggy in mud kitkat cake4

The cake was a birthday present to rabbit’s bff nickname “Dugia” which in Hokien chinese dialect means piglet 😀

Below is the photo from Dugia as proof of acceptance and celebration.

Piggy in mud kitcake bday candle

Happy Birthday Dugia…

Wish you love, happiness, health, joy and all the good things life can offer.

My recipe and method for the cake (Black forest cake recipe):

A) 5 nos egg yolks + 85 gr water + 70 gr corn oil+ 4 gr chocolate paste -> whisk all ingredients together.
B) Combined 100 gr cake flour + 10 gr cocoa powder + 30 gr cornflour + 1 tsp baking powder -> sieve in the flour mixture into yolks mixture and stir still smooth.
C) Whisk 5 nos egg whites + 120 gr sugar until firm -> then fold them 1/3 at a time to the yolk mixture, mix well.
D) Bake at 180C for 20-25 minutes until cooked.
E) Cut cake into 2 layers and add chocolate ganache, kirsch, whipped cream, dark sweet pitted cherries in between the layers.
F) Pour chocolate ganache on top of the cake.
G) Add kitkat on the side of the cake, use chocolate ganache as glue, place few piggies made of fondant and pour in the rest of chocolate ganache, use chopstick to create the mud ripple effect nearby the piggies.

Tada … piggy in mud kitkat cake 😀