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Mango Rosettes Mouse Cake and Japanese Cheese Cake

Mrs. HH shared  double good news last week and those news surely called for celebration.  And rabbit’s usual way to celebrate is to bake and send pretty and delicious cake.

Since Mrs. HH prefer something fresh with less sweet and fat, the rabbit decided to bake for her some mango mouse cake and this time they come in individual portion.  She also put an effort to decorate them by copying Marta Stewart’s mango rosette style.

Don’t you think these pretty mango rosette mouse cakes was just perfect? The rabbit is patting her own back, yay….. y(^-^)y ….great success for first timer.

Mango Rosette Mouse Cake2

In addition to mango mouse cake, the rabbit also bake for Mrs. HH , her rather popular Japanese cheesecake.  She loves how the perfect round cheesecake with the ribbon resemble a pretty hat like look.

Japanese Cheesecake round

Congrats Mrs. HH….

Wish you all the best.


Chiffon # 02 : Cheddar Cheese Chiffon Cake

After the healthy choice of day1, for day2 I decided to bake something cheesy and something not from my recipe.

Upon browsing for option I stumble upon a nicely baked , fluffy and moist chiffon at  mykitch3n. Lydia from mykitch3n use a interesting method in adding the cheddar cheese to the cake , which is something new and a must try to me and she have a very detailed step by step photos. Please check her blog if you are interested to know more. She baked a lot of nice cake and they all looks great.

Below is the copy paste of Lydia’s recipe ( I change it a bit to my liking)

Ingredients (makes 8-inch tube pan): I use the 7 inc tube pan, which resulted to my chiffon rise a little too high and I have to  lower down baking temp at the last 5 minutes to ensure not to over burnt the surface.
60g milk
40g cheddar cheese (2 slices)
25g butter  (note :  I use corn oil instead)

4 egg yolks

60g all-purpose flour, sift together with corn flour
10g corn flour ( note : I use 70 gr cake flour instead)

4 egg whites
90g sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

For details on the how to, please click  mykitch3n to Lydia’s blog.

And below please find my baking result.

Cheddar Cheese Chiffon1 Cheddar Cheese Chiffon2

And yes the chiffon cake is  really delicious , love the nice cheesy smell.

Happy Tuesday all.

Blackforest Cheesecake

Presenting the latest new baking in rabbit’s kitchen , blackforest cheesecake.

The cheesecake were baked in baine marie method and topped with sauce made of dark sweet pitted cherry juice and yes you will surprised to find some pitted cherry inside the cake too.

Blackforest Cheesecake5

Somehow this cake looks very Christmas, probably because of the color and the icing sugar. Nevertheless rabbit is very pleased with this cake and it come with a nice packaging too which made it very representative as gifts for friends.

Blackforest Cheesecake6

Happy Friday all.