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Birthday Souvenirs

This is a late post of Rabbit’s latest project, the mini roll cake for her mum’s birthday souvenirs.

Yes, Mama Rabbit was celebrating her  birthday last Saturday and her children decided to throw her a party to celebrate the great “70” birthday.

As part of the celebration and to thanks relatives and friends for celebrating with family, Ms. Rabbit decided to bake her famous roll cake as the souvenirs. It was quite a lot of baking for the day but the result was worth it.

Mum's bday souvenirs  Souvenir1


Happy Birthday Mum… wish you more great years ahead and looking forward to bake a grand birthday cake for you next year birthday 🙂


Madagaskar Roll

Marty and Melman were at Rabbit’s kitchen last week and below please find the memorabilia from their short trip.

The Giraffe and Zebra rolls 🙂
Animal print's rolls

Zebra in box  Giraffe in box

Let’s hope we can have Alex and Gloria visiting soon.

Snow leopard roll

After the chocolate leopard dots roll, today  the snow leopard joined the animal print category.

Snow leopard roll

Any of you know that snow leopard cannot roar? It’s vocalization include hisses, chuffing, mews, growls, and wailing.


Leopard deco roll

He is the smallest cat among the “four big cats) genus and yet the fastest predator on earth.

If you you are too busy to visit the zoo or the safari park,  you still can sense and taste the adventure with this wonderful creature through our fun and yummy chocolate roll in Leopard dots.

Chocolate leopard roll cake

Cake delivered and eaten by Mrs. AS and family.