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Happy January 2014

Hello dear friends,

It’s been a while, sorry for going hiatus. Lot’s of things happening to rabbit’s simple life. First announcement: the rabbit  decided to go back to professional world instead of working at home and pursuing her hobbies. So now she is a corporate lady on weekdays and home baker on the weekend. She will still blog from time to time and bake whenever she can and will be more active on her instagram posting. so in the case if you are interested , kindly follow her at her instagram: rabbitcanbake.

Next some photo posting on what’s baking at rabbit’s kitchen in December and early Jan.

Few new theme posted in the gallery

Hello Kitty Chan in new design

Hello Kitty small rolls HK n Rilakkuma

The Shih tzu rolls ordered by the proud owner of 2 sweet Shih Tzu whom were celebrating their birthday in Dec,

shitzhu roll

A special request from Ms. DF for polar bear theme.

Polar Bear roll

The lazy cat : GARFIELD and the robot cat : DORAEMON

Garfield roll Doraemon small roll


Spomge Bob bubble roll sponge Bob roll

CANDY CRUSH SAGA ….come in set of 3 and set of 4

Candy Crush Saga order Candy crush set3

Candy Crush set4

Thank you to clients for ordering the Christmas deco rolls, apology for not being able to list down your name one by one and post each of your order as it was just too many and rabbit did not have enough time to take all photos.

Xmas batch4 Xmas order batch1 Xmas batch3 Xmas batch2 Xmas batch 5 Santa & Candy order

Happy Mid January all….


Minions of Thanks

Charline is turning 5 yesterday and she was celebrating the big day at school with her friends. Thanks to her mum Mrs. M for ordering the minions cake. Wish Charline a great and joyful birthday.

Seeing so many of this little tiny yellow creatures really brighten up the day and rabbitw as having fun baking and packing them.

Charline Bday

It turn out the special flowers birds design ordered by Ms. B from NET TV was well liked by others too. Ms. W placed an order of this design in different flavor, the taro and vanila.

Wati wkend order

From time to time, the rabbit received cake order from some thoughtful boyfriend whom like to surprised their beloved girlfriend on certain occasion.

Below was latest design on my melody,  ordered by Mr. B for his beloved girlfriend Ms. T

My Melody in roll

Below was the minion cake ordered from Mr. I for his beloved girlfriend Ms. A

Happy Bday Papoy

And these were another order from lovely Ms. I for her beloved boyfriend whom is a big fan of Liverpool soccer team. Rabbit tried her best to replicate the logo but since it was a cake dough so some limitation to get the details and outlook. Hope it does resemble the club logo and he boyfriend love it.

Ivana's order

And these was another special customized design ordered by Ms. N for her belover boyfriend whom is a dog lover. So cute of them

Cute Choco Doggie


Love is in the air …

By the way rabbitcanbake now is on instagram so if you love to check her latest baking and photo, kindly follow. Thanks.

Happy Thursday all.





Sharing latest deco roll model

For you the feminine  or pinkish style

New Ribbon roll  Strawberry angry birds roll

For Winnie the Pooh fans

winnie the pooh roll

Bad minions

Bad minions roll

Happy Anniversary rolls

A late post of Mrs. T’s order for her wedding anniversary.

Rabbit was so happy when she received the order because it was her first order from stranger whom happened to stumble on her blog. Mrs. T was totally new to her, i.e not direct  friends, or friend’s friend, or any referral/word of mouth from someone in her circle.

Below please find the photo the order, hope Mrs. T and beloved husband as well as family and friends like the rolls.

Tania's order

Thank you Mrs. T for the trust and order of 6 rolls despite never tried this before

Best wishes to you and hubby on your anniversary. May your marriage be Blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives.


The Rabbit


Lazy Rilakkuma Roll & Pink Flowers Roll

It’s school holidays and the 3 little nieces of my good friend Mrs. HH are visiting Jakarta. Being a good aunt Mrs. HH decided to treat those little angels the rabbit’s famous japanese deco roll and let the rabbit decide what cute pattern she would like to make.

Hooraay… what a treat for rabbit too, she loves baking new pattern and Mrs. HH is always a good customer whom always let rabbit do as she like.

So here is the roll for the little angels. I keep mentioning them as angels because they know how to appreciate the bakers and keep complimenting auntie Rabbit despite the buyer of the cake  was their aunt  (Sorry dear friend, please let auntie Rabbit have her short spot of light ;))

Rilakkuma & Chick roll

On top of being a good auntie, Mrs HH is also a good sister and youngster, she did remember to order something not too cute for her brother , sister in law and the parents. And here is the simple pink flowers roll for the adults. I hope they enjoy it as much as the little girls.

Pink flowers roll

Thank you Tiek for the order 😀



The rabbit read in the manga that during Mother’s day, children were encouraged to give flower to their mother and most common type of flower is the carnation (any Japanese follower or resident, please help to verify or correct if  she was wrong) 🙂

Though Mother’s day had passed  she still love the Carnation roll idea, below were 2 different colors of Carnation rolls baked last week.

Carnation Roll Cake Purple carnation in box

Happy Everyday…

You don’t have to wait for any certain day to show you love and appreciation to loved one 🙂


Birthday Souvenirs

This is a late post of Rabbit’s latest project, the mini roll cake for her mum’s birthday souvenirs.

Yes, Mama Rabbit was celebrating her  birthday last Saturday and her children decided to throw her a party to celebrate the great “70” birthday.

As part of the celebration and to thanks relatives and friends for celebrating with family, Ms. Rabbit decided to bake her famous roll cake as the souvenirs. It was quite a lot of baking for the day but the result was worth it.

Mum's bday souvenirs  Souvenir1


Happy Birthday Mum… wish you more great years ahead and looking forward to bake a grand birthday cake for you next year birthday 🙂

Swirl Roll Cake

The rabbit love this swirl pattern, they are classic and unique because each swirl is different from one another.

Swirl roll

This is an orange flavor roll with fresh cream and fresh fruits inside. Curious on how it taste?

You know where and how to order 🙂

Evergreen Macha Roll

Today’s roll come with leaves pattern and they really suitable for macha roll , be it in color and taste.

Evergreen roll

Hmmm…the rabbit think this pattern is also suitable for autumn themeand had placed this under things to bake list,  so stay tuned for more.