Decorative roll cake gallery

Kindly check the rabbit’s photo gallery below for each available roll cake pattern, in several categories.

For inquiry please email : or text +6282111599958

Standard Roll cake size is approx 23 x 9 x 5.5 cm – subject to varies depending on the choice of filling.

Latest Christmas theme , rolls available for pre-order starting now until Dec 20, 2013.


Christmas Theme Rolls  Christmas Theme1  Christmas Theme2

  • Characters category : The famous Despicable Me’s minion, Monster Uni, Angry Birds, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Monkichi, Rilakkuma, LINE’s  Cony and Brown , Winnie The Pooh, Molang the fat rabbit, My melody and many more …

My Melody in roll Sponge Bob in box

Monster Uni in box  winnie the pooh roll

Minions in slices in box  Good vs Evil Minions in box

Angry Birds roll in box  Angry Birds slices in box

Strawberry angry birds roll  Monchichi Bday Roll in Box

Doraemon in box  Molang Fat Rabbit in box

Chocolate Minion large  Minion in boxMinion pink in box  Minion2 in box  Mini minions in box  Cony and Brown mini rolls

Cony and Brown in box2  Chocolate HK in box

Rilakkuma & Chick in box  Vanila Rilakkuma in box

Doraemon small roll  Garfield roll


  • Cute category :  Cute rabbits, Smiley Bears, Smiley Pandas, Emoticons, , Happy Bee, Balloon Air, Cute Piggy and many more…

wpid-Bunny-and-Piggy-rolls.jpg   wpid-Cat-and-frog-rolls.jpg

Rabbit rolls in box   Running rabbits roll

Chocolate bear Kiwi roll   Vanila Bear in box

Matcha panda in box   Chocolate Panda roll in box

Emoticons Rolls in box   Emoticons matcha roll in box

Happy Bee in box    Ballon air roll in box Cute Piggy in box    Cute Vanila Piggy Roll

Brown Bear in slices in box  Candy Crush Saga order Polar Bear roll  shitzhu roll

  • Lovely category : Strawberries, Lovely Hearts, Lady bugs, Colorful dots, Pink Flowers, Sakura /Cherry Blossoms, Music notes, Happy Hearts, Evergreen, Lovely Swirl, Roses, Carnation and many more…

New ribbon roll in box    Another ribbon bday roll in box

Strawberries roll cake in box    Love roll in box   Chocolate Love roll    Vanila purple hearts in box

Lady bugs roll    Choco dots in box

Colorful dots roll in box    Colorful dots vanilla roll cake in box

Pink Flower roll in box    Cherry Blossom in box

Music notes roll    Taro music notes roll Hearts roll    Evergreen roll in box Swirl roll in box    Taro Swirl in box

Roses roll in box    Carnation Roll in box

Purple carnation in box    Stripes and dots in box

Pink flowers in box    Chocolate love and dots in box

  • Animal Prints  : Leopards, Snow Leopard, Friendly Giraffe, Zebra and many more…

Giraffe in box    Zebra in box

Chocolate leopard in box    Snow leopard roll

  • Special occasion : some special customized roll cake created to celebrate special occasion

Sanny's engagement rollcake    Happy Birthday in a box

Happy Birthday Roll    Happy Birthday in a box top

Wedding theme roll in box    Ribbon Birthday roll

Rabbit anniversary roll    Charline Bday

  • Festive occasion roll : Carp shaped roll for children day or souvenirs for baby 1 month old or any birthday party/event, Halloween, etc

Carp fish in a box    Baby 1 mth old Teddy Bears rolls    Taro Carp roll in box

Carp Matcha roll in box    Mum's bday souvenirs

Souvenir2    Souvenir1

Halloween roll

  • Special design requested by Client

Cute Choco Doggie in box   Flower Birds roll

Liverpool roll   Wati wkend order

Do let the rabbit know in the case if you have special request and want to have different combination for your very own deco roll cake.

  • Available filling :
  1. Fresh Cream with fruit is the most commonly ordered but if you don’t like dairy, you can choose non dairy fresh cream.
  2. If you are not a big fan of fresh cream at all you may choose Butter Cream with Chocolate chips/ Red Bean.
  3. Or if you want something simple such as little cream/butter with grated cheese/ fruit jam/peanut butter jam.

However please note that different filling might resulted to different thickness of cake shape.

  • Available flavor :
  1. Vanilla
  2. Orange
  3. Chocolate
  4. Taro
  5. Macha/GreenTea
  6. Chocolate
  7. Caramel
  8. Tutti Fruity
  9. Grape
  10. Mocha
  11. for others not described here, please ask.
  • All roll cake is packed in a clean and nice white mica box (26 x 12 x 9cm) and if you need something else , such as different box or ribbon wrapping, or additional greeting text, please let the rabbit know and she will be more than happy to source for you.

All photos in the gallery were real order from friends and customers and only serve as reference and illustration, some slight discrepancies might resulted upon customization / special request.


9 thoughts on “Decorative roll cake gallery

    1. Hahaha…yes unfortunately only Jakarta. Don’t you think it will be a good excuse for you to visit? Would love to invite you for tea and coffee and of course bake unique roll for you. I already have a specific theme in mind just for you. A world globe/map to represent you as an international citizen 🙂

      1. That is why I call you Sweet Rabbit!
        Would you like to ‘Guest Post’ on my blog and introduce your new blog? Contact me though my ‘Contact’ page if you like. I will be honored! Hugs back to you, Fae.

      2. Hi Fae, sure I am honored to be your guest post though I never do any guest post and wonder what should I put in the blog. Anyway I will think of it, and will contact you the soonest. Thank you for the offer, I am honored.

      3. Thank you for your consideration Rabbit!
        In a couple of hours, I am going to post my blog’s first Guest Post. She e-mailed me her draft and the photos, I put them all together for her. Check it out for idea. Hugs, Fae. 😀

  1. Dear Rabbit,

    My name is Patrick and I live in Jakarta. you made a beautiful cake. Two thumbs up for you!!! Tell me please, how to order your cake and how to pay it? Could you also give description about the size of your cake? Thank you.

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