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Minions of Thanks

Charline is turning 5 yesterday and she was celebrating the big day at school with her friends. Thanks to her mum Mrs. M for ordering the minions cake. Wish Charline a great and joyful birthday.

Seeing so many of this little tiny yellow creatures really brighten up the day and rabbitw as having fun baking and packing them.

Charline Bday

It turn out the special flowers birds design ordered by Ms. B from NET TV was well liked by others too. Ms. W placed an order of this design in different flavor, the taro and vanila.

Wati wkend order

From time to time, the rabbit received cake order from some thoughtful boyfriend whom like to surprised their beloved girlfriend on certain occasion.

Below was latest design on my melody,  ordered by Mr. B for his beloved girlfriend Ms. T

My Melody in roll

Below was the minion cake ordered from Mr. I for his beloved girlfriend Ms. A

Happy Bday Papoy

And these were another order from lovely Ms. I for her beloved boyfriend whom is a big fan of Liverpool soccer team. Rabbit tried her best to replicate the logo but since it was a cake dough so some limitation to get the details and outlook. Hope it does resemble the club logo and he boyfriend love it.

Ivana's order

And these was another special customized design ordered by Ms. N for her belover boyfriend whom is a dog lover. So cute of them

Cute Choco Doggie


Love is in the air …

By the way rabbitcanbake now is on instagram so if you love to check her latest baking and photo, kindly follow. Thanks.

Happy Thursday all.






Introducing Sanrio’s Monkichi the monkey

This is a late post of yesterday order from Mrs. SL for her good friend’s birthday Ms. W.

Mrs. SL  requested Monkichi the monkey for the cake theme because the recipient of the cake was born in the year of monkey , so it will be only appropriate to choose something that match the auspicious year 🙂

Happy Birthday Ms. W hope you like Monkichi and wish you a great birthday filled with tons of love and fun and joy.

Monchichi Birthday roll

Together with Monkichi, the rabbit also bake another roll with lady bug and this time the lady bug was resting on clovers.

Limin's order

Good day everyone.